Monday, April 1, 2013

Bark for Life

I recently learned that the American Cancer Society has a fundraising event in my area every year called Bark for Life. It's $15 per dog to pre-register and there were different tables and such (raffles, shirts, and our local humane society was there, just to name a few) to visit. There was even a small petting zoo there! Of course, I had to take Ares and Luna there! My sister and @adotlane (Her instagram name) came with me. We had so much fun! Because the event was held the day before Easter, the Easter Bunny came to take pictures with the dogs. Ares and Luna took the most amazing picture!
There were also several contests that took place throughout the event. Poor Ares won the ugliest dog contest! Luckily, he won a frisbee, two bags of treats, and a squeaky fire hydrant toy so he's not at all sad about it. :)
Check your area to see if you have a local Bark for Life event. We had one in a small town and we're going to have one in our local big city so if I'm not working, I'll probably take Ares and Luna to that one as well - I'm sure there will be a lot more stuff to see and do at a bigger event versus our local one and all of the money goes to the American Cancer Society!

This is Ares with his "ugliest dog" prize.

Ares and Luna with the Easter Bunny!

Ares got to meet the baby ducks.

He also met a lamb!

Luna wanted to be best friends with the alpaca. The alpaca wanted to spit on her.

My sister with Luna.

 Ares, Luna, @adotlane, and I with the alpaca.

Luna in her Bark for Life bandana.

Ares and Luna meeting the pig named Blueberry.

My sister with the goat.

If you have a Bark for Life near you, GO GO GO! We had so much fun! I only wish that I had taken more pictures!

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