Saturday, January 26, 2013

snowy day

There's something magical about the snow. I love how everything turns white and seems so much more peaceful. The snow started while I was at work (I take care of two amazing kids) so we bundled up and adventured out into their yard. While E is 5, it's his first time REALLY playing in the snow. His older sister, K, taught him all about snowball fights while I stayed under shelter and took pictures.
Because of the snow, I asked my sister to please stop by my apartment to take Ares and Luna out to do their business. I'm kind of sad that I didn't get to see their first adventure into the snow. Apparently, Luna ran out and immediately ran back inside! They didn't boycott doing their business though - such good pups!
I didn't get home from work until almost 10pm as a result of the snow but I grabbed my camera and shoved the babies back outside. I live in an above garage apartment so I have a large balcony and stairs to get to the yard. I think Luna and Ares were a bit confused because Luna peed on the balcony last night and Ares pooped on it this morning. Oh well, it's outside so that's all that matters, right? Luna was leery about going out in the snow and kept trying to run back inside but once they were both out, they wouldn't stop running around in it and trying to eat all of the snow!
These pictures were taken last night when I got home from work:

Today, E begged me to play in the snow again and to go to the dog park when we went to let the dogs out. K agreed so off we went! So many dogs romping around in the snow. Luna alternated between terrorizing the tiny snowman that E and K made (the poor little guy's arms never stood a chance with her!) and going from person to person to see who would pick her up and keep her warm. They both had fun visiting their friends though!

I'm so happy that our snow day was a success. The dogs and the kids had a lot of fun playing outside.

And now the snow can melt, please.

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