Monday, July 29, 2013

Bailey the Boxer

My sister and her boyfriend recently adopted her own dog to join the three kitties that they already have (thank goodness they have a house!)
Her name is Bailey and she's a Boxer mix who is roughly the same age as Luna (and over twice Ares' weight!) She's a tiny little thing compared to Boxers though and I love her!

Ares and Luna finally got to meet Bailey at my dad's house about a month after they got her and they had a BLAST! I couldn't get many pictures of them because they were a blur of rough housing all over the kitchen!

This picture is just funny. Ares and Luna doing their business. The yellow lab is Lexi, our 11 year old family dog.

The best part about Bailey? She had more accidents at my dad's house than my dogs did! (It's the little things in life.) In her defense, she played so hard, she was drinking a ton of water. But still... it took the spotlight off of me and my silly dogs. (Luna still pees and poops inside because she's a stubborn butthead).

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