Saturday, August 3, 2013

July pug meet ups

This month, we were lucky enough to have TWO pug meet ups to go to! There's always one on the first Saturday of every month at a random, local, outdoor dog park, and this time, there was one in the middle of the month at a doggy daycare (read: INSIDE!)

Ares and Luna had a blast, as always at the outdoor meet up, although there weren't as many pugs as usual and those that did come didn't stay very long because as you can tell from Luna's face, it was so incredibly HOT. Luckily, this dog park just got a water system put in so I didn't have to bring any water for them (but I did anyway. Because I like to be prepared at all times).

This bugger admiring Luna's tushy is Toby. He's roughly the same age as Luna and is an absolute DOLL!

It's an apricot pug y'all! I have a better picture of her face further down, but this picture really shows her color. I'd never realized how different apricot pugs are in color!

Ares found the perfect mixture of sun and shade. He was in heaven.

 I think Ares was worried that I would bring home the chug that's up for adoption. (He should be worried, I'd bring her home in a heartbeat if I knew my husband wouldn't kill me!)

 And the rest of the pictures are from the indoor meet up. It was a fun facility with a store, grooming, boarding, and a day care. We had one large indoor area that connects to the outdoor area where pools and such were set up all to ourselves. A lot of pugs came to this one.

 Luna's so independent. She strutted around like she owned that place!

Ares has been a little strange at meet ups lately and likes to be held. If I'm not holding him, he's jumping into a stranger's lap. I think he was overwhelmed my a new environment and so many dogs running around.

A pug-impostor cheme to for a visit. It was an adorable frenchie though so I really can't complain!

My favorite part about this middle of the month meet up is that they did free nail trims for all of the pugs! YAY! I had to hide and let Mike handle Ares when he was getting his nails trimmed because he does worse when I'm around. I do know all of the tips to keep him calm though so I let the groomer know before she started. Luna handled it like a champ.

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  1. your pugs are SO cute! i've been a bad pug mom and haven't taken them to any meetups this year. hopefully we can go to one soon.
    -- jackie @ jade and oak