Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Picture dump

I'm totally slacking in the blog department, I know. Life is getting in the way of my pugs. Stupid life!
A quick update on them:
Ares is mange free! And if you remember my post on mange and my cousin's story about Otis, you'll be thrilled to know after a long battle, Otis is also mange free! Both dogs are on one more month of medicine and need another negative skin scrape but I think it's safe to celebrate now!
Luna keeps me on my toes! She's been so funny at the dog park lately - the other pug there, Nicky, likes eating the dirt from holes that other dogs have dug and Luna has decided all of the holes are hers. This results in him sniffing and her going over and flopping on her back in his hole, batting her paws in his face! They're tiny, shallow holes but she's definitely gotten stuck in one by wiggling too much!

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