Thursday, May 30, 2013

monthly review: May BarkBox

My review is incredibly late this month because I've had a BarkBox fiasco that didn't resolve itself until this morning.

Before I get into that, here's how BarkBox works: it's a company that sends you four or more products every month to try out with your pups. A portion of each months proceeds help doggies-in-need (a different cause every month). The price of the boxes range from $19-$29 a month, depending on the plan you choose (a 6 month subscription is $19 a month, a month to month subscription is $29 a month).

Around the middle of each month, you get an e-mail from Frida the Mail Dog letting you know that your box is on the way and giving you your tracking number. Delivery takes 2-10 (business) days once the box has left the warehouse. I've always been really lucky and gotten my box within a day or two of receiving the tracking number, which is why my reviews are so much earlier than Pawalla's.

My fiasco: My tracking number states that on May 13, it arrived at the shipping partner facility. On May 16, the electronic shipping information was received. There is no movement after that. I e-mailed BarkBox and customer service asked me to wait out Memorial Day weekend because as of Tuesday, it would be out of the normal shipping time frame. When I didn't receive it on Tuesday, they asked me to go to my local Post Office to see if they could give me any information about my precious box. I was told by BarkBox that if my problem couldn't be resolved at the post office, they would either reship the May box for a $10 reshipping fee, or they would add an extra month to my subscription. The Postmaster researched my tracking number and stated that saying that the electronic shipping information was received only means that the shipping label was printed, not that it was actually shipped. I told BarkBox this and what it has boiled down to is it's a he-said-she-said scenario. It doesn't matter who made the error with my May BarkBox - it is officially in limbo and I doubt I will ever get it.
BarkBox got back to me this morning and since they are still saying that the box has left their facility, they will only reship another May box or add an extra month. They kindly offered to waive the reshipping fee but I have still chosen not to receive this months box and instead will have another month added to my subscription.

In the end, it was an incredibly frustrating experience to say the least because it's impossible to tell who made the mistake and should be held accountable for Ares and Luna's box. I'm chalking it up to a loss but I'm very glad that they have done something to make things better, at least in my eyes.
This fiasco hasn't lessened my opinion of BarkBox at all but I thought that I should still share my story.

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