Saturday, May 18, 2013

Pugapalooza 2013!

A couple of months ago, our monthly pug meet up, I found out that our local pug rescue group puts on an annual pugapalooza and it was today! I've been talking about it since the day I got my flyer. I think I was more excited to be there than the dogs were. Since I still have The Ginger, she became a pug for the day and joined us.

Ginger doesn't like car rides much and after this one, I don't blame her! Ares and Luna don't like to share their spots!

Pugapalooza was held inside a dog park. This is one of the parks that has two different sides. Both sides had vendors but the smaller side was a place where the dogs could be unleashed and they requested that the dogs were leashed on the larger side. (They sold human food and held the contests on the leashed side.) Also on the large side was a bobbing for hot dogs pool! A kiddie pool filled with water with pieces of hot dogs in it. Haha! I did not allow my 3 to do that, unfortunately for them.
I did let them participate in the digging for treats box though! I couldn't get them out, I'm pretty sure Ares, Luna, and Ginger ate half of the treats in there! It was a box filled with shredded paper and small treats buried in it.

We also participated in a contest! I decided to enter Luna for curliest tail. She got to prance around and show the judges her cute double curl and we won first place! WooHoo! Now I have a dog who won ugliest dog and one who won curliest tail.

This picture is super blurry but it's of Luna picking out her prize (a toy) so I had to include it!

The 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners with a Ginger photobomb.

They also had an agility pugs demonstration. Those pugs were crazy good - jumping over short fences and running through tunnels!

Those wrinkles! I'm in love!

After that, we spent time in the unleashed side. I let them run wild while I looked at the vendors items and chatted with friends. Luna made so many friends - she would run right up to people and demand attention! Of course, she got exactly what she wanted. They've all been sleeping ever since we got home.

I'm already excited for next year!

Side note: the green tripe alone isn't helping with Luna's pollen allergies so she's back on twice daily pills.

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