Thursday, June 27, 2013

monthly review: June BarkBox

I actually got my box this month, guys! WooHoo!
Before I tell you what we got, let me explain BarkBox if you don't know how it works:
it's a company that sends you four or more products every month to try out with your pups. A portion of each months proceeds help doggies-in-need (a different cause every month). The price of the boxes range from $19-$29 a month, depending on the plan you choose (a 6 month subscription is $19 a month, a month to month subscription is $29 a month).

Luna had no interest in posing with the box.

This is our haul.

I'm really excited by the first thing I saw: Dale Edgar's Calm K9 wafers. BarkBox says "Some of our canine counterparts aren't quite enthusiastic about the arrival of fireworks. Dale Edgar's Calm K9 wafers hail from Portland, Oregon, and are complete with omega-3, Vitamin B, and chamomile to soothe frightened nerves. Also recommended for pups with anxiety!"

We haven't tried it yet but we definitely will on July 3 (when we get our fireworks show). We can hear/see the fireworks from my apartment and Luna is already scared when she hears thunder (she barks nonstop). I was going to go looking for something that will help keep her calm during all of the noise and hopefully, this will be perfect! It looks like we got a sample pack but I'm guessing from the cost of the full size container that these were roughly $10. They can be found here.

The next thing I looked at is also something that I haven't opened yet: a Heartland Premium bone. BarkBox says "The BarkBox office pups were as lively as sparklers when they got their paws on a Heartland Premium bone. You can rest easy knowing that these bones are sourced from cows born and bred in Omaha, Nebraska; your pup, on the other hand, will probably need a nap after playtime with this long-lasting chew."

I'm really really torn on this. I want so badly to like this BUT the bone is smoked. Bones that have been cooked in any way can splinter or break the dog's teeth. The website however, says that because the cows are less than 3 years old at the time of slaughter, they don't splinter. I'll probably give this to Ares and Luna under strict supervision (and when I have something else to give them because they don't share!) The bone is $5.40 and can be found here.

And the treats! The first treat bag we opened were the Whole Life treats. BarkBox says "Freeze-dried, single-source proteins, with zero fillers - made with quality meat in the USA. As you grill your burgers and chicken at block parties this summer, bring these treats along so your dog can join in on the fun (or should I say yum?)"

Ares and Luna thought these treats were so yummy! They're kind of on the small side, or at least smaller than I expected them to be, but that's fine - Ares and Luna still gobbled them up and begged for more! These treats cost roughly $5 and can be found here.

The other treats we got came from Puppy Cake. BarkBox says "Puptato Chips are a healthy, all-natural alternative to, well, potato chips! Made with sweet potatoes, these treats are dried (not fried!) so they're low in fat, high in vitamins."

Is it strange that I wanted to eat them myself? (I resisted but Luna couldn't!)

I've actually given these treats to Ares and Luna since as one of their treats when I had to leave the house and Luna spit hers out and wouldn't eat it. I guess she doesn't like them anymore? It doesn't matter, Ares was happy to eat her leftovers! Puptato Chips are $4.99 and can be found here.

And I saved the best for last: Bowser Beer. BarkBox says "Bowser Beer is a beef-based drink without alcohol or carbonation. It's fortified with glucosamine, which is great for joints, and is great as an addition to water, a topper for dry food, or over crushed ice on a particularly hot day. Pup slushies!" 

I had some very eager pups who couldn't wait for their Bowser Beer (they actually spilled it while I was trying to pour the second bowl!)

I'm really disappointed because I have a video on Vine of Ares and Luna drinking their Bowser Beer from the same bowl but it's not actually saved to my phone. If you have Vine, we are Ares and Luna

I'm not sure how Ares and Luna felt about the Bowser Beer. They drank it, but like they would with regular water - they drank some and walked off to do something else. I still have half of the bottle in the fridge so I'll have to try again. I read a news article about Bowser Beer right after getting Ares and I've wanted to get some ever since so I was really excited to see the bottle in our box. I'm really surprised that it's not mentioned in the blurb from BarkBox, but when you order a pack of Bowser Beer, you have the ability to customize your own label for $10 extra. You can name the beer and add a picture of your dog to the label that will be shipped to your house. I want that so bad! (Yes, I already decided on beer names if I ever get it!). A 6-pack is $20 (customized for $30), so I'll estimate that our bottle was $4. Bowser Beer can be found here.

I'll estimate that we got about $30 of goodies in our box this month, which isn't bad.

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