Thursday, June 27, 2013

monthly review: June Pawalla Mini

We had a busy day in the Pober house since we opened both the BarkBox and the Pawalla Mini on the same day. (Both get sent to my P.O. Box. It's a pain to get to the post office with my new work schedule.)
I already posted the BarkBox review so now we'll move on to our Pawalla Mini!
About Pawalla: You can get a standard box or a mini box. Standard boxes come 6-10 full sized products that include wet food, treats, supplements or vitamins, essentials and a toy. Standard boxes range from $21-29 a month depending on your subscription plan. Mini boxes come with 3-5 products that include treats, a toy and surprise item(s) but NO wet food. Mini boxes range from $12-17 a month depending on your subscription plan.
We get a mini box simply because we also get BarkBox and because I don't want them to get picky and only eat wet food :) You fill out information about your dog's age, size, and such so that they can tailor it to your needs.

This was actually the first box we opened so Luna was slightly more interested in examining the outside of the box. She still didn't want to pose though. Such a diva.

Our haul. Luna was really interested in this part.

The first thing we decided to check out was the PushClean Pet Towelettes. Pawalla says "These hypoallergenic, all-natural towelettes are made out of 100% bamboo, which benefits the environment, while also keeping your pet fresh with one easy wipe to remove any excess dirt or dander. These wipes are travel-friendly and also help moisturize which results in a shiny coat and a happy pet!"

These were really cool and tiny so I documented how to open them.

Push it completely down. This allows the towelette to soak up the water and break the seal to open it.

Ares is not amused. I think he knew what came next.

They were actually a pretty good size!

Like the grooming mitts I have received before, I used one wipe on both dogs.

I really liked it but I'm not sure I would buy it. I love the fact that it helps the environment but baby wipes do the exact same thing. I'm going to keep these in my car and we'll see how it goes as I use up the rest of the pack. Maybe I'll have a change of heart and decide that they are a must have. I do really love these though and the size is amazing! I am, however, really interested in the fact that PushClean isn't just for pets - they also have tiny towelettes aimed for removing makeup, insect repellent, and stain remover to name a few. These would be perfect if you aren't anything like me and love to go camping! (Ha! I really do want them though). They are currently $9.99 and can be found here.

We opened the treats next and they were another wigzi product! These were the Stuff n' Crunch Peanut Butter flavor treats. Pawalla says: "Crunchy rolled oats, dry roasted peanuts, salt, and tapioca starch provide an excellent ingredient list for these crunchy treats. Perfect complements for the Wigzi throw toy. Wigzi treats contain no soy, potato, wheat, artificial flavors or colors. This company makes all their products in the US, and a portion of the proceeds from the sales of these products is donated to animal rescue groups and shelters to aid in the placement of homeless animals."

We got a Wigzi toy a few months back and these treats can go into the toy (they're not the treats designed for the toy but it's ok). Now, I'm lazy and my dogs have the hardest time getting treats out of toys like that so I'm just using them as regular treats instead of putting them in the toy but I absolutely adore the concept! It also helps that Ares and Luna adore the treats! These treats are $5.99 and can be found here.

Next, we opened our YoPup Happy Belly treats. Pawalla says: "The pink yogurt drizzle on these biscuits tells you that they contain healthy probiotic bacteria. During the processing and cooking of any dog treats, the good bacteria are killed, but with these biscuits, Happy Belly adds the good probiotic bacteria back to the treats after they are cooked to preserve the activity of the healthy bacteria. Probiotics are a good idea for dogs and for people, and to have them right in a handy treat is a great idea. The treats are wheat free and also contain chicken meal as the base flavor, pomegranates, raspberries, and walnuts. TBD Brands are located in Exeter, NH."

I'm shameless. I got Ares to perform for me. Look at Luna sitting in the background, waiting for her treat! Ares and Luna both loved these treats and I think the drizzle on top of the traditional dog bone shape is absolutely adorable. These are good sized treats so they are perfect to give them when I leave the house. YoPup retails for $5.99 and can be found here.

And last, but not least, our toy. We received the Glow Ball by American Dog Toys. Pawalla says "This soft ball is durable, easy to clean, and even floats for pups that enjoy water play. It's a great ball for fetch, so just hold it under light to activate its glow in the dark feature to keep the fun going all night long!"

Honestly, I could care less about this toy. Ares and Luna don't really fetch balls and back before I discovered that they won't fetch balls, I actually bought this same ball in green at Bed, Bath, & Beyond. I think I would be more excited about it if I didn't already own it or if my dogs liked to fetch. Oh well, can't win them all.
Ares' and Luna's reactions to the ball are HILARIOUS though.

As you can see, they were very enthusiastic.
I did get the ball and threw it again for Ares to see what he would do and this is what happened:

Slightly better, so I'll take it. Right after the video ended though, he dropped the ball and it fell down into the grass. I went and got it back and he promptly did it again. Maybe he was trying to tell me something? Haha!
Seriously though, if you have a dog who likes to fetch, you would probably really like this toy. It has a softer feel to it and doesn't feel like it can be easily torn apart like tennis balls can. Also, it glows in the dark which is just fun. It retails for about $5 and can be found here.

Our mini box contained approximately $20 worth of items so I'm very happy. We are active at the dog park so even the toy won't go to waste, even if Ares and Luna aren't interested.
Want to buy your own Pawalla or Pawalla Mini? Clickity-click this link to get $6.50 off of your first subscription!

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