Friday, February 1, 2013

buster bone

I stopped by a small shop in town today for lunch and browsed quickly through the pet section. In it, I discovered what is quite possibly the best thing ever - Buster Bones.
According to the label, these are country cured ham bones with meat. And they are very meaty. They are cured with salt, white sugar, brown sugar, sodium nitrate, pepper, and sodium nitrite.
Ares and Luna have been outside for an hour working on their bones and they're nowhere near done (the natural oils in the ham may stain carpets. It's best to give it to them outside). But let me tell you, these dogs are in LOVE. I'm also in love because when I was done with the dogs chewing on them, I bagged them up to bring back inside (I have to worry about wild animals here) and I suspect that they have another few hours chewing on the bones, depending on how long it takes them to break them apart. Luna would take hours upon hours if Ares hadn't switched bones with her after he ate most of the meat off of his.
The greatest part is chewing the bones will help keep their teeth clean!

Here's a video of my monkeys chewing on their bones. Lots of snuffling and a bit of growling going on. (YouTube and blogger currently hate me. A longer, cuter video is on my YouTube channel - twospoiledpugs)

You can buy these bones online at but they're $25 for 3 bones. I got 2 in town for $8.40. If you would like me to mail you some, email me at with Buster Bones in the subject (so I don't think it's spam!) and we can work something out (actual price +shipping).

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