Tuesday, February 19, 2013

monthly review: February BarkBox!

We got our first BarkBox today! They were SOOOO excited to open the box as evidenced by this video:

They completely failed at opening the box themselves but Luna was convinced that she could eat her way into the box!

Here's their haul. I'm thrilled with everything!

 The BarkBoxes come with a sheet that explain all of the products that come inside each months box.

The first item I gave them was the Aussie Naturals. BarkBox describes it as "Durable and eco-conscious, our friends at Aussie Naturals craft tough toys with jute, wool, cotton, coconut fiber, and natural gum rubber. They may have a more extensive R&D team than BarkBox: all toys are tested with Atlanta rescue dogs! If I had opposable paws, I'd give them two thumbs up."
We got the large dolphin which retails for $12.99. You can get your own dolphin here. These have water bottles inside them for squishy fun!
Ares and Luna are fans of their dolphin!

They also received two different types of treats from Wet Noses. BarkBox says "The Wet Noses company hails from the Pacific Northwest: Washington, to be exact! Delightful and scrumptious, their treats are free of corn, wheat, and soy. Did we mention they're organic? What's not to love?!"
They're $7.95 each and can be found here. We got Carob & Mint flavor and Dogranola. I've only opened the Carob & Mint one but they're a fan. I'm worried about giving Luna the Dogranola one though - she's always had peanut butter when we give her plain peanut butter and I'm scared she'll get it from eating a treat with peanut butter in it. I'll probably try it on a day I don't have to work, just in case. I would love if she could try them!

The next thing I saw was the N-Bone. BarkBox says "I like chewing, and I hate when humans complain about doggy breath. Dental chews kill two birds with one stone (or in puppy-speak, two chew toys with one set of teeth). Good breath and a pair of shoes left untouched? Everybody wins."
Luna and Ares haven't tried them yet but they love things like this so I'm really excited! They're about $6 and you can read more about them and find an online retailer here.

Ares and Luna were DYING for their treats. You know they want something when they're being good dogs!

The last product that they got is a Jolly Pets Monster Ball. BarkBox says "Not much can keep me away from a toy stuffed with treats, but the look of this Monster Ball has me reconsidering...sort of. It's too fun of a treat toy to stay scared for long! I still think his goatee looks funny. May I suggest that he find a better groomer?"
They're about $6.50 and can be found here.

I immediately put in some of Ares and Luna's bacon treats and let them have it! nomnomnom!

Luna is a huge huge huge fan and wouldn't let Ares have it!

Last but not least, we got a wag.com coupon (not pictured). BarkBox says "Hate hauling pet food home, humans? Our friends at Wag.com now feature overnight shipping so you can spend the evening doing something productive (Here's a hint: belly. Here's another hint: rub.) Visit their site with the included coupon for $10 off!" Go to wag.com

The dogs love their stuff and I love the price (and the descriptions of the products)! BarkBoxes start at $29 a month and go down to as low as $18 a month, depending on the subscription that you sign up for. The toys and such are based on the size of your dog - you can select small, medium, or large. We signed up for the medium sized box only because Ares and Luna tend to gravitate towards the larger toys. The monster ball, luckily, is made for small/medium dogs. No matter how much you pay a month, you can't beat the deal you get - we got just over $40 worth of toys treats not including the wag.com coupon!

Want to try your own bark box? Use this link to get $5 off of your BarkBox order: You know you want a BarkBox!

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