Saturday, February 2, 2013

monthly review - Bugsy's Box

Hi, my name is Jes and I'm addicted to For real though. I love their pet Thursday's because they have so many fun, cute things I wouldn't necessarily find around me. And it's all on sale!
In December, fab offered a coupon to Bugsy's Box for $14 instead of it's usual ~$30. This is a company that was formed over a pug owner's love of his dog, Bugsy.
I've heard about Bark Box but never Bugsy's Box but for that cheap, I might as well try it. So I bought it and immediately signed up for one month so Ares and Luna would be getting their first box at the beginning of January.

I want to go over my experience before I bring in Ares and Luna's reaction to what they got.
The box was (and still is) advertised as going out on the first of every month. I received an email on January 6th, asking me to confirm the size of my dog to ensure they receive the right box.  I immediately responded and on the 10th, I received an email that my box was on its way to us. I should have received it in 3 business days. And I did - because they didn't actually mail it out (according to my tracking information) until January 15. Yes, folks, I got my 1st of the month box on January 18. I was not a happy pug mama. And according to the facebook page, I wasn't the only one.
My other issue with them is that you can only cancel your monthly subscription (and yes, signing up for one box means they will automatically renew you every month) is via email. It makes me nervous that there is more room for error this way but time will tell.

I did contact them prior to January 18th and was told that they are a new company who didn't expect this much popularity. Because of the quickness to respond, I'm inclinded to forgive them. But they're not getting my money anytime soon.

Now onto the dogs' thoughts!

They got a lot of fun stuff.
1) Safemade Newt Chew Toy
It's made of food grade silicone, tastes like chicken, and is dishwasher safe (for cleaning). Luna grabbed the newt, package and all, immediately when I opened the box. Ares got ahold of it out of the package and while they both obviously love it, I threw it away within minutes. The newt is only made for light chewers. Light chewing has never been in Ares or Luna's vocabulary and Ares immediately ripped off the newts foot and tried to eat it. Not good. Major thumbs down.

2) Pupchips
I got 3 small bags in the different flavors. I guess they're meant to give to the dogs as snacks but I spaced it out and gave it to then like regular treats. And they don't have preservatives in them (my favorite quality!). Ares and Luna loved them! 

3) Licks Liquid Vitamins
This is a small packet of a blend of all natural vitamins. You can mix it with water or in their food and they supposedly find it yummy. I have no opinion on this because they haven't gotten it yet.

4) Raw Bistro Stix
These are made from grass-fed beef liver and flaxseed. They are made from animals raised in the States without antibiotics, hormones, or grains. The flaxseed benefits the heart, skin, and coat. Again, we haven't tried it yet but I am very excited for these!

5) Whole Life Pure Beef
These are freeze dried beef. They are protein based, low fat, low calorie, and low carb. You can give it to them as is, or put it in warm water to give it a meatier texture. Ares and Luna are HUGE fans.

6) Barkworthies Bully Stick
Bully sticks = very happy puppies. This was made from 100% USA beef. Bully sticks are fully digestible, high in protein, and low in fat. The chewing promotes healthy teeth and gums. I'll keep everyone who doesn't already know blissfully unaware of what exactly a bully stick is. They're kind of pricey to buy which Ares and Luna never had one before but they thought it was the best thing ever and shared it until it was gone.

Overall, the dogs loved the products although they couldn't have the toy. I wasn't too thrilled with the company which is why I cancelled my subscription.
I have officially switched to the Bark Box and will post reviews of them once a month when they start coming to me in mid-February.
If you're interested in trying a Bark Box, follow this link to get $5 off of your first month: clicky-clicky

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