Sunday, March 10, 2013

How I stole my Ares

A year ago today, March 10, Mike, his roommate Corey, and I decided to go to really nice kind of exotic pet store that is in a nearby city. We walked around and looked at all of the crazy animals (seriously, I've taken E and K there as a makeshift free zoo on rainy days!) and then ducked into the puppy store that was a few doors down.
When we walked in, a little pug puppy walked right up to Corey, sat down and stared at him. I immediately said "Corey, he loves you! You have to get him!" Corey agreed and even jokingly said that he would buy that puppy for me. We all walked around the shop but went back to the adorable little pug puppy in the window. Within minutes, we were in a private room to play with the puppy.

Mike and I quickly went to work, telling Corey that he just HAD to buy the puppy, Mike would help pay for him and I would puppy sit when they had to leave for work. A worker overheard us and asked what would happen when Mike and Corey were no longer roommates and of course I said "then he'll be mine!"
Whatever logic that was, Corey went and filled out the paper work to bring home the puppy while Mike and I continued to play with him and take pictures.

We brought the puppy home that night. During the car ride home, Corey mentioned that all of the dogs that he had growing up where named after Greek gods and goddesses so after a small debate, we settled on naming him Ares. After we got back to Mike and Corey's apartment, I went to the local big box pet store to buy a crate to keep at my house for puppy sitting, and all of the essentials - name tag, collar, leash, SO MANY TOYS, a puppy play pen, cleaning sprays, you name it, I bought it.
Of course, all Ares wanted to play with was the brown paper bag he found in the house.

It was love. Ares slept with Mike and I that night. We tried to get him to sleep in the cage but it didn't work out so well - he was in bed with us by the time Mike (and Corey) had to get up around 3am on Sunday, March 11 to leave for 3 weeks for work.

I had thought this was the perfect arrangement - all of the fun of having a dog with none of the financial responsibility! Because Mike and Corey were gone the day after getting Ares, I was the one who took Ares for his first vet appointment and made all of his medical decisions. Within days, I was completely and utterly devoted to this little pug puppy who unexpectedly came into my life. I e-mailed Corey and told him that I had to have him. I couldn't imagine what would happen if Mike and I broke up and Ares was no longer in my life. After a few days with him, I couldn't imagine a life without him. I know I put Corey in a tough situation by asking for Ares, but he allowed it. I paid for Ares and we transferred his papers into my name. Ares was mine. And he was one expensive pup! He completely wiped my savings!

I know the horrors of buying from a pet store and we were really lucky to get a completely healthy dog who had already gotten hernia surgery as well as surgery for an elongated palate (and been microchipped). I wouldn't change my decision for the world.
One year ago today, I got my little boy and he changed my world forever.

**All photos were taken within the first 12 hours of bringing him home!

We had a small celebration while Maximus and Annabelle were still here and he got his gotcha day present: a cupcake with a candle sticking out of it. The entire cupcake is one big squeaker. He thinks it's the greatest thing ever.

Happy gotcha day, baby boy. I love you.

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