Thursday, March 7, 2013


In the beginning of February, one of the lovely ladies from my pug meet up group posted on our page that she was going on a trip for her birthday and since they didn't have family around here and she'd rather not board, she was hoping someone from our group would be willing to take in her two babies for the week. She has two black pugs. Maximus, who is only a month or so older than Ares, and Annabelle,  who is the same age as Luna. I excitedly responded that I would love to watch them and after she came to check out my apartment, we decided that I would be a good fit to watch Annabelle and Maximus.
She dropped them off on Saturday, March 2, and I've been in love ever since (she comes back March 9).
I love having the other pups in the house and watching their personalities intermingle as well as watching them interact. Maximus absolutely adores Ares, which Ares isn't too sure about, and the girls have been attached to the hip.
They have me wrapped around their finger to the point where they've been insisting on sleeping in bed with Mike and me even though that's a no-no at their house.
We've also had our difficulties. Ares has been very jealous of the attention that Maximus and Annabelle have been getting and Maximus isn't desexed so he started marking my furniture and humping Ares. Ares puts a stop to the humping as soon as it starts and I went out to get a belly band to keep Maximus from ruining my furniture. As for the girls, they've had a couple of fights. Luckily, they're easily distracted and if I can't call them away from afar, they separate as soon as I walk over. Silly girls.
I'm going to be so sad to see them go.

If you're confused about which is Luna and which is Annabelle in any of the pictures, Annabelle is super model skinny and wears a collar.

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