Thursday, March 14, 2013

Pugsitting picture overload

Mike gets so mad at how many pictures I take regularly of Ares and Luna. I do it because I don't want to forget anything that they do. The week of petsitting was no different with Annabelle and Maximus around. I tried to send their owners regular updates with pictures of Annabelle and Maximus because I knew that I would want that if I was on vacation. (When I went to Arkansas to meet Mike's parents last August, my sister sent me a daily Ares picture upon my request.) They went home on March 9th but I miss them oh-so-much! (That is, until Sunday when I'll be petsitting a little French Bulldog for 6 days! Her name is Ginger and she is best friends with Ares and Luna).
Here's just a small snippet of all of the pictures that I took while I had these crazy dogs.

And of course, life isn't complete without a video of their antics. (Again, look for the collars to tell whether it's my pug or not! Ares and Luna aren't wearing their collars)

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